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Understanding Yourself as a Gifted Adult

by | Oct 20, 2019 | No Comments


Sometimes it seems that our gifted children come from a different planet. Their experiences and behaviors can be so hard to understand. The truth is that we can't fully understand and support our children if we don't first recognize and understand ourselves as gifted individuals as well. 

I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Paula Prober and Dr. Amber Siler at the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Conference a few months ago.  Paula has coined the phrase "rainforest mind" as an analogy for the complex inner world of the gifted. It is like the rainforest ecosystem with all of it's variances - not better than any other ecosystem on the planet - just very complex.

Paula is an avid writer whose blogs and books resonate with and support gifted adults across the globe. Her books, "Your Rainforest Mind" and "Journey into your Rainforest Mind" are available on Amazon.

In this video, Chicago Psychologist, Dr. Amber Siler, joins us and shares how her personal  journey into giftedness was guided by Paula's work.

This is based on Paula's section of the FREE collaborative ebook, "Helping Gifted Kids Thrive: Insights from the Experts." To download your FREE ebook, you may do so here - guidingbright.lpages.co/expertebook

To reach Paula, you can check out her website and blog at www.rainforestmind.com or email her directly at paula@rainforestmind.com

Psychologist, Dr. Amber Siler, has practices in Lincolnshire and Skokie, Illinois just outside of Chicago. Dr Siler can be reached at www.bravelyblooming.com or at linkedin.com/in/ambersiler.

Please click on the video below.

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