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After completing counseling with Guiding Bright, parents report that...

  • they have a better understanding of their child
  • they feel equipped with tools and strategies to help their child
  • they have a clearer understanding of their child's gifts and challenges
  • their child is better equipped to manage his/her struggles.
  • their child exhibits more confidence.


"Tina has helped to transform one of my first grade students this year!  This student was struggling both socially and emotionally in school and that was affecting his academics. He had low self-esteem and little confidence in his existing abilities. Through Tina's innovative approaches, she was able to create a solid foundation of strategies and skills that enabled this child to work through his issues; he is now thriving behaviorally and excelling academically."- Grady Turner, 1st grade teacher, Soda Creek Elementary School


 "We had the BEST parent-teacher conference to date for our son!  Thank you Tina Harlow for your genuine love and remarkable insights."  -C.T., Parent


"Working with Tina was eye-opening for us as well as our teenage son, who struggles with executive function and time management issues. What we didn’t realize, until Tina drew it out, was how important his emotional health was in creating change in how he functions. She also helped us all realize that kids (and many adults) are works in progress, and that they don’t fit a mold—certainly not always the one their parents want for them! She helped us give our son the space he needs to make mistakes and find his own path, and she helped him feel comfortable doing so on his own. She is a calm, thoughtful and caring voice in what had become a stormy relationship, and we appreciated her work enormously." - Parent


"We so appreciate you helping our daughter through this time in her life. She has so much more confidence in her ability to handle adversity. Your fun and supportive demeanor really helped put her at ease." - M.M., Parent


"Tina really helped me understand the challenges of raising a bright child."  -Patrick S., Parent


"Tina is especially good at coaching parents on their interactions with each other as well as their child. She has a great perspective...." -A.P., Parent


"Thank you so much for all the resources and the parent coaching. You are a beacon of light amidst very stormy waters. Thank you for what you do!" - Michelle C., Parent


"You helped me understand my son and how he thinks. That is priceless."  -Kelly Ornberg, Parent


"My son scored above grade level on a national math achievement test for the first time in his life!  This is huge because I have always known he had the capability, but his anxieties have always showed up in this subject area and shut him down.  He said he was totally comfortable taking the test.  YEA!  I couldn't be happier with his progress and I am so thankful for your support!" -K.G., Parent


"Tina is the perfect person to be working with kids who are gifted and talented. It definitely helps that she understands these kids, has had similar struggles, and has empathy and a passion for helping these kids." - S.C., Parent


"Tina taught me how to control my actions!" - S.C., Child Client


"I learned how to speak for myself."  -S.P., Child Client


"Tina not only helps the child but works with the whole family so everyone has the tools and confidence for improvement.  It was a fantastic experience."  -C.M., Parent




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