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Bright children are amazing!  They are not broken and do not need to be "fixed."  Over the course of time, our society has created ways of doing things that work for the majority of the people.  It was necessary.  However, not everyone is wired to respond to our structures and systems in the same way.

The solutions that Guiding Bright provides are about helping children, as well as ourselves, to make the adjustments necessary to thrive in our current world. Differences in executive functions may cause us to have difficulty with estimating time.  This would not have been a big deal in the early days of human existence, but time is now a key element of our society.  There are strategies to help with this.

Many of the challenges that our children face are manageable when we are willing to do some work ourselves.  If we can work toward understanding and accepting ourselves, while mitigating our challenges, we can truly help our children live their very best lives. 



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