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Bright children are not better; they are wired differently.  The fact that they experience the world differently often makes it hard for them to fit in with peers and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Along with sensory sensitivity, asynchronous development, perfectionism, low frustration tolerance, and fear of failure, bright children may also exhibit characteristics of ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, ODD, DMDD, or Bipolar Disorder.

Children who have exceptional abilities, along with a significant difference in functioning, can suffer social and emotional consequences when one or both of these areas goes unrecognized.

The term “disorder” is laden with negativity. The very word can cause the diagnosed person to feel damaged, broken, and “less than” the worldly façade of “normal.” This focus on “disorder” serves to pathologize our children and widen the gap that connects us as fellow human beings.

Guiding Bright utilizes existing research and strategies in the field of psychology without taking on the “disorder” mentality. In celebrating neurodiversity, we honor the differences that make us all unique and the gifts that lie within our challenges.

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