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bookCover-c"The Drummer and The Great Mountain" by Michael Ferguson, is a thick guidebook filled with tangible suggestions for dealing with the difficulties faced by those with ADHD characteristics.  Michael utilizes Thom Hartmann's Hunter-Farmer theory as a foundation to the book, offering readers natural and effective solutions for living as a "Hunter-type" in a Farmer's world.  This book has been very helpful for me in my personal journey.   Michael also hosts a podcast with Bahman Sarram to accompany the book.  I can depend on the podcast for uplifting support and helpful tips beyond those provided in the book.  

To order the book,  www.drummerandthegreatmountain.com/purchase.

To access the podcast,  www.drummerandthegreatmountain.com/adult-adhd-add-podcast



"The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide" and "The Gifted Teens Survival Guide" by Judy Galbraith.

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