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The Young Hunter Survival Kit

Available for purchase for $27.97 only on this website.         

Many bright children exhibit characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Sensory Over-Responsivity. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tina Harlow, finds that these bright young children often hold the belief that something is wrong with them, particularly if they struggle with executive functions such as sustained attention, response inhibition and emotional control. 

In researching ADHD, as well as "giftedness," Harlow came across Thom Hartmann's book, "Attention Deficit Disorder: A New Perception."  In this book, Hartmann presents a refreshing explanation of ADHD characteristics which he calls the Hunter-Farmer Hypothesis.  Hartmann’s hypothesis suggests that characteristics typically associated with ADHD are actually evolutionary adaptations that were beneficial to ancient hunter-gatherer societies, but do not easily fit into the elements of our modern day world.

Harlow wrote “The Young Hunter” after realizing the positive impact this perspective could have on children who exhibit characteristics of ADHD as well as Sensory Over-Responsivity.  

"The Young Hunter" combines the powerful medium of storytelling with whiteboard animation to communicate this hypothesis in a way that children can understand. This method externalizes the issues, providing children the emotional distance they need to reflect upon the information and apply it to their own lives.

“The Young Hunter,” featuring music by Arthur Lee Land, is a 9-minute video for children ages 5-13 who exhibit characteristics of ADHD (combined or hyperactive type) or Sensory Over-Responsivity and struggle with peer relationships. Children and parents who watch and discuss the video together will gain the following:

  • A clearer understanding of those exhibiting characteristics of ADHD or Sensory Over-Responsivity.
  • An understanding of the genetic connections.
  • An understanding of how he/she fits into the world
  • An understanding of the gifts he/she possesses due to having these characteristics
  • A new perception of self and/or others
  • Natural tools to help manage difficulties

 The video is part of "The Young Hunter Survival Kit" and is available for purchase for $27.97 only through this website.  The Kit contains:

1.  "The Young Hunter" Video

2.  Tips for Optimal Focus.

3.  Family Discussion Questions that accompany the video.

4.  Tools For Parenting Young Hunters (4 pages)

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