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Family Counseling


Guiding Bright partners with parents and caregivers to support them in guiding their children through challenges and teaching them life-long strategies that foster independence.  We do this through a combination of counseling and consultation.

Guiding Bright utilizes a strength-based, growth-focused approach that considers all aspects of each individual.  We use a variety of methodologies based on the needs of each client, with cognitive behavioral interventions and mindfulness as central components.   We celebrate neurodiversity and are grateful for neuroplasticity!


Guiding Bright offers 3 avenues for counseling:

  • Phone
  • Videoconferencing
  • In-Home for Routt County Residents

Parents/caregivers are the most important people in any child's life.  For this reason, parents are required to participate actively in the process.  In most situations, sessions take place with parents 2-3 times per month, with the child(en) joining for a family session once per month.  We recognize that "family" takes many different forms and we will work with you to determine what will work best for your situation.  At times, we do individual counseling with children.

Counseling is time-limited and typically ranges from  3-6 months in duration, although some choose to continue services through the course of the school year.  Together, we re-evaluate at the end of each 3 month period to determine if more time is needed.  Guiding Bright provides counseling services from September - May.  We are available for phone consultation during the summer months.  


If you are feeling stressed, stuck and exhausted, it may be time to invest in your family and yourself.   We provide the resources, tools, accountability and support you need to help your family move forward.

Guiding Bright chooses not to accept insurance as we do not focus on diagnosis, disorder and illness as is required by most insurance companies.  All services (child, parent, family sessions and school meetings) are $150/hr.

Note: Rates may be slightly higher to compensate for mileage


If you are a Routt County resident and would like services, but are unable to afford them, partial assistance may be available.  Please contact us by clicking here and mention your interest in financial assistance.


Guiding Bright accepts all major credit cards.  Payment is required in advance for the upcoming month.  Life happens and sometimes cancellations are necessary.  In this event, we will work with you to make up the session. 


1.  Contact Us:  If you have questions, please click here to complete the short contact form.  If you know that you are interested in services, please click here to request an initial consult for counseling.

2.  Initial Consult:  We provide a free initial 30-minute phone consultation with parents to determine whether or not our services are an appropriate fit for your family. 

3.  Solutions:  Once fit has been determined, we get started!  You will select a standing time that works for you and your family.  We provide ongoing parental support via email and phone calls and family sessions as needed.

Phone: (970) 819-3577
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Located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO / Routt County

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