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Learning Styles and Differences


Educators have identified 2 learning styles that have been observed in students identified as gifted: Visual-spatial and auditory-sequential. The auditory-sequential learner tends to have a more positive school experience than the visual-spatial learner. Children may be a mix of both styles.



Good listener

Astute observer

Learns sequentially

Learns holistically

Rapid processor

Needs more time to process

Thinks in words

Thinks in pictures

Works on one task at a time

Works on multiple tasks at a time


Current research suggests that 14% of children who are identified as “gifted” through the educational system are diagnosed with a learning disorder. Differences in learning are difficult to identify, particularly among bright children. Some children are never identified as “gifted” due to learning differences that make it difficult for their full potential to be expressed.

The 3 most common diagnosed learning differences are:

Dyslexia (Reading Differences)

Difficulty translating the printed word into spoken word, breaking down words into sounds, sounding out words, remembering familiar words, and comprehending what was read.

Dysgrapia (Writing Differences)

Difficulty putting thoughts into written form.

Dyscalculia (Math Differences)

Difficulty remembering math facts or understanding the symbols and language of math. Often have poor awareness of sizes, shapes, and directions, as well as estimating and sequencing.

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