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Common Challenges For Bright Children

Perfectionism is a strong force in most bright children. While perfectionism is not all bad, it can be paralyzing and can take a toll on a child’s sense of self. Note: Kids with sloppy handwriting can be perfectionists.

Frustration Intolerance can be just as difficult for parents to watch as for the child to experience. Bright children often experience high levels of frustration and do not know how to manage it. They may give up quickly, throw things or cry inconsolably over things that we consider to be trivial.

Fear of Failure can be the foundation of procrastination and cause children who have completed homework not to turn it in. This fear can hold children back from reaching their full potential.

Emotional Disregulation can wreak havoc on peer and family relationships. Bright children feel emotions very deeply; sometimes to the point of overwhelm. Their emotional development often lags well behind their intellectual development, making them less equipped to cope. Emotions can be fluctuating and very intense.

Underachievement can be a problem among bright children because of the various challenges that they face.  The dichotomy between high potential and low performance is often misunderstood and causes great frustration for parents and teachers who may see the child as being "lazy" and "unmotivated."

Disillusionment is a feeling of disappointment that results when the illusion of what we thought was true turns out not to be. Many gifted children are idealists. They believe that people, organizations, and systems are inherently good. When they learn otherwise, this can often cause them to be disillusioned with that particular entity.  Disillusionment, in turn, can cause existential depression.


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