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The Little Girl That Could

by | Nov 18, 2015 | No Comments
girls running
Once upon a time, in the mountains high, lived a little girl who decided to try.  
She joined a group to learn to run and with her friends had lots of fun.
But as time passed by she came to dread the 5k race that loomed ahead.
For she was usually in the rear with thoughts of failure feeding her fear.
Of course, race day had to arrive.  Her emotions were buzzing like a beehive.
She yelled at her brother.  She stomped down the hall.  She blamed everyone for nothing at all.
She got into the car still fuming and screaming.  Then broke down crying - the tears were streaming.
"I don't want to do this race!  Please don't take me to that place!"
To her mother those words rang a bell.  Fear of Failure.  She knew it well.
If the girl chose not to show, Fear of Failure would never let go. 
The girl cried all the way there.  To words of comfort, she said, "I don't care!"
Her stomach began to cause her pain. Fear of Failure enjoying it's reign.
Her mother told her that she just had to go.  She could walk the whole way and take it slow.
She could say, "Self, this is something I don't want to do, but I am going to make it through!"
The tears subsided.  She joined the brigade.  Fear of Failure took a seat in the shade.
She tackled the journey without a whine and jubilantly crossed the finish line.
To Fear of Failure she said, "Take That!" and gave herself a pat on the back.
That day a battle in the war was won.  The memory... a foundation for challenges to come.

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