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Squeaky Clean in Quarantine

by | May 17, 2020 | 5 Comments
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Hello friends. Whatever your life circumstances may be right now, it is my hope that you are feeling loved and supported by those you hold dear. 

We are in quite the state of transition. It reminds me of getting tagged in freeze tag as a child; just standing there longing for the opportunity to be able to move again. 

We may feel frozen, but we still have so much room for movement. Afterall, transformation requires movement. Right now, one of the best ways we can move forward is to put our efforts into cleaning up this beautiful world that we all call home. This simple act may do us far more good than we realize.

Have a good week and please take really good care of you. 


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5 Responses to “Squeaky Clean in Quarantine”

  1. Heather Lyman says:

    You are such an inspiration. I love you’re great ideas. I’d like to try this with my family. So simple and so much impact.

  2. Paula Prober says:

    Loved seeing your sister in this one, Tina. And it’s such a simple yet excellent idea. And such a beautiful setting. Love those trees!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Those who have higher consciousness want to be of service. “What can I do to help?” You offer such practical ideas of how families can make a difference. Thank you!

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