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Self on the Shelf

by | Dec 2, 2018 | 2 Comments

{Click on video below}

It's that time of year. Quite often that darn elf gets more of our attention than our child's self.  To reclaim perspective and meaning, we turn to the pivotal work of P. Susan "Sue" Jackson, Founder and Therapeutic Director of the Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted in Canada.  Sue reminds us of the strong sense of self that is innate in so many gifted children. They are very attuned to what is right, as well as what is optimal for the world.  This depth of insight and understanding can sometimes make the holidays difficult for gifted children. They may struggle with our society's focus on material possessions and image.  We have to make sure in these busy times that we are not overlooking our children. They need to be seen and understood. In this video, I offer some suggestions for nurturing the self of the child instead of getting caught up in the whirlwind that is December.

Be sure to check out Sue's section of the FREE collaborative ebook, "Helping Gifted Kids Thrive: Insights from the Experts." She can be reached at www.daimoninstitute.comPlease click on the short video below! 

Have a wonderful week!

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P.S. If you have not yet downloaded your FREE ebook, you may do so here. guidingbright.lpages.co/expertebook


2 Responses to “Self on the Shelf”

  1. Julie says:

    Thank for for sharing this helpful information-I will definitely take it to heart. The holidays can be so stressful that we lose sight of the magic and excitement that the kids crave. Thank for being such a blessing to others and to our family!

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