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Gifted Kids Growing Food

by | Apr 11, 2021 | No Comments


Hello dear friends. How are you doing? It is spring here in Colorado and I am so grateful after this long, dark winter.

As a child and family therapist specializing in giftedness, I know of a lot of activities, tips and techniques that are beneficial for kids. But I have to say that, as a parent, one of the things that had the greatest positive impact on my own children was teaching them to grow their own food. They connected with the seeds, the soil, the worms, their food and were so thrilled by nature's treasure hunt when time came to pull the potatoes from the earth. Now, my daughter, once a very picky-eater, claims the radish as her favorite food.  My son, at the age of 17, is an avid composter and has big plans to create a diverse permaculture in the coming years.

In addition to gardening, I have another joy - sharing the good work of those whose creative livelihood promotes the positive development of gifted children. How thrilled I was to meet Leila Mireskandari, Founder of Kids' Growing City. Leila teaches children how to grow their own food and mentors parents and teachers to do the same. Her work is a treasure trove of exploration, engagement and connection for gifted children. 

In the video below, Leila talks about her childhood in war-torn Iran, parenting her own gifted children, and the array of amazing benefits that gardening provides to gifted kids.

Leila's passion, brilliance and creativity led her to start a children's gardening subscription box called the Oasis Box.  This colorful little biodegradable box brought joy to the doorstep of many youngsters during the most difficult days of COVID. 

If you are looking for an experiential and educational gift for a child in your life, this just might be it. In contrast to more plastic stuff, the Oasis Box provides a meaningful gift for children ages 4-13 with potential lifetime benefits. If the Oasis Box sounds like a good fit for a child in your life, please be aware that enrollment ends on April 15th. (Kids Growing City provides delivery to the US and Canada only)

Click here to purchase the Oasis Box: www.kidsgrowingcity.ca/a/43431/eajMUH3N

To hear Leila's experience of how teaching kids to grow their own food makes all the difference, please click on the video below.

Have a wonderful week!

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