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For Parents of Bright & Quirky Kids!

by | Mar 5, 2021 | No Comments
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Hello friends! 

You may be parenting a child whose thinking demonstrates depth and complexity but who, for some reason that defies reason, just can't get their homework turned in. Or maybe they are paralyzed by their own anxiety or procrastinate on everything or have emotional blowups at the slightest frustration. 

If your child displays this type of dichotomous asynchrony and you can't help but feel like pulling your hair out on a daily basis, this child you are raising is likely twice exceptional. 

In the video below, my colleague, Dr. Dan Peters, Licensed Psychologist and Executive Director of the Summit Center articulates beautifully the paradox of twice exceptionality. This is a great video to share with family, friends, teachers and healthcare providers to give them a better understanding of what you have been trying to explain all these years.

WAHOO! Lucky for us, Dr. Peters will be part of the Bright and Quirky Summit that starts this coming week March 8-12. The Summit is FREE and has an incredible line-up of top experts including author of the Polyvagal Theory - Dr. Stephen Porges, Renee Jain with GoZen, Seth Perler, and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman.

I highly recommend the Bright & Quirky Child Summit for parents of bright children who struggle with focus, learning, social or emotional challenges,  You can register for FREE here. hub.brightandquirky.com/~access/a10c16731f/ 

The summit promises tools and strategies to tame the overwhelm in these uncertain times, like...

  • How to manage anxiety, stress and worry
  • How to solve challenging behaviors and calm meltdowns
  • How to motivate kids who have a "why bother" attitude or lagging school engagement
  • How to find balance and moderation with screen use
  • How to help kids who are depressed or shut down
  • How to navigate the twice exceptional (2e) journey in turbulent times

I'm so excited that this resource is FREE to so many parents around the world and is expected to reach over 20,000 parents this year! Don't miss out! Register for free here. hub.brightandquirky.com/~access/a10c16731f/ 

Happy Parenting!

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P.S. Click on the video below to see Dr. Peters' 6 min. informative video on twice exceptionality. You won't be disappointed.




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