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Encouraging Persistence

by | Aug 26, 2019 | No Comments
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Some gifted children do not experience failure until later in life and when it happens, it can hit pretty hard. So what can we, as parents, do to instill persistence in our children? This week we find out by highlighting the work of Linda Leviton, Director of West Coast Gifted Development Center, while enlisting the help of a 17-year-old young lady with a persistent story to tell.

This video is based on Linda Leviton's section of the FREE collaborative ebook, "Helping Gifted Kids Thrive: Insights from the Experts." To download your FREE ebook, you may do so here.  guidingbright.lpages.co/expertebook

Linda can be reached at www.leviton.org or via email at becalmer@aol.com

Have a great week!

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P.S. If you have not yet downloaded your FREE ebook, you may do so here. guidingbright.lpages.co/expertebook

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