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Dear Dads of Gifted Kids

by | Jun 16, 2019 | No Comments

Hey Dads! This week I want to turn the spotlight on you.

Some of you keep a very low profile but your presence shines bright in the lives of your children. You know why? Because of who you are!

You read story after story with them at bedtime when all you want to do is sleep. You play on the floor with the tiniest legos for hours, at their request, until you get cramps in your legs. You paint their nails, then let them paint yours. You teach them how to build and craft and repair. You sing with them and have dance parties in the kitchen. You hold them when they are melting down and give them space when they need it. Sometimes you cry just because you love them so much. You teach them how to relax, but also how to work. You let them know that they are perfect just the way they are. 

For all you are and all you do, I offer this little video gift below.

Happy Father's Day!

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